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2016 Reading Challenge
2016 Reading Challenge
2016 Reading Challenge
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So it’s been almost 2 years since I last posted on the blog but it’s been a crazy two years since I’ve gotten a permanent office job in downtown Manhattan. When I last posted was about two months after I bought my 15″ MacBook Pro and I am still loving it much better than my Dell laptop that I bought a few months earlier than my MacBook Pro. I still use the Dell once in a while when I need to use the Adobe Acrobat program to make fill-out forms for work. My MacBook Pro has been such a great purchase even though I had to spend almost $2,000 for it. It took me a bit of time to get use to some of the changes from my PC but in the long run I have had almost no troubles with which is the total opposite of my experience with all three of my previous Dell laptops.

Recently I got a message on my Facebook Fan page from Lisa Watson who works with RT Book Reviews about doing author interviews on my Blog Talk Radio podcast show. I wasn’t too sure about doing it since I haven’t been doing any author interviews on my podcast except for that one author interview with Susan H. Crowley in July of 2013. But I decided that this was an opportunity that I shouldn’t pass up since I really need to get back to what I use to love doing which is reading book that I would post reviews about and interviewing romance authors of all genres about the books that they write. So I think from now on I will try to get myself back into the rhythm of writing book reviews on the blog but like I said it has been a long while since I’ve done it so bear with me please. I’ve also been updating my websites with new information but as you know maintaining a website takes a lot of time and mine hasn’t been updated since I started it in 2010. I’ve done a few maintenance updates with the information that I have since changed but I’m using some of my free time from work to get it all done.

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15″ MacBook Pro

Well it has been almost about 2 months since I bought my 15″ MacBook Pro and I have to say that though it’s been a process to try learn how things work differently on it than on my Dell PC I’m having such a great time playing on it. I have actually stopped using my PC for now because it has come up with a problem with the Internet Explorer and I just don’t have the time to waste to fix it. So now I’m using my MacBook Pro full-time and I’m happy since I have some really nice games which I downloaded thru the Mac store. I can basically do most of the things that I was doing on my PC and there has only been a few things that I had to get use to which is the key board and how to use some of the buttons that aren’t on my PC.

It’s a very slick 15″ MacBook Pro though if I were to get it in a different color than the sliver color it might make it look interesting with that Apple logo that lights up whenever I have my MacBook on. I haven’t actually taken my MacBook out with me because I don’t have a cover or sleeve or case for it yet and even if I do get one for it I’m not sure I want to take it anywhere with me since it is a really expensive. I’m actually getting us to using Safari since I was able to download my Yahoo! Bookmarks and exported it to Safari with a few problems that I eventually fixed. Now I have everything that I need on my MacBook so I don’t even really miss anything on my PC except maybe my Microsoft programs but that I could work around. I’m not going to buy the Microsoft Office for Mac since I’ve heard such negative reviews along with those positive reviews. Besides that if I really need to use Microsoft Office I can always do what I’ve been told might work out for me which is using Parallel or Boot Camp to use Windows on my MacBook.

Since buying my MacBook I’ve been really thinking about getting back to my writing and I have heard from a lot of writers about his Mac app called Scrivener which helps you get your manuscript organized. I also helps you to make your manuscript ready to be sent to a publisher or to just make it in to an ePub that you could download to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or whatever other eBook retailer you may desire. I’m using the free trial that is offered on their website to get familiar with the program before I give in and buy the $45 app from the Mac Store. I actually got a $100 gift card from Apple when I bought this MacBook which was great because those game apps I bought from the Mac Store as well as some of the music albums I used my gift card to pay for them. I still have some money left on it and I’m thinking if I should use it to buy Scrivener but I have to be really sure that I will be able to use it properly.

So it’s been several months since I have written on the blog even though I promised the last time that I would really try to get back to writing up reviews again. It’s just been a very hectic time with the Sandy Storm just messing up have the city which included my office building down on the South Street Seaport. I have never stopped reading so I have a lot of books that I could post reviews for but taking the time to writing the reviews and posting them here on the blog is something that I don’t seem to have to mental energy to do. I hope that with some time inspiration to write a review will hit me and then maybe I will get back to doing my live podcasts with all of the new authors that I have recently been discovering at least new authors to me as well as new authors to the writing industry.

Well it’s time for me to get back to procrastinating with other things while I think about writing my romance novels or book reviews.

It’s been a year since I officially posted a blog here. I got a full-time job in an office last April 2011 and it really took all my attention to get the rhythm of doing my job on a daily bases. I am still reading my romance novels as much as ever but I haven’t been reviewing them as I use to. I also haven’t been taking any review requests from authors, though there weren’t that many interested in the first place. I’ve been thinking about blogging again since I bought a new laptop recently that has been a real joy to use since it’s more high-tech then my previous laptops. I bought an expensive 15″ XPS Dell laptop with an Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB Memory with a 1TB Hard Drive that came with Windows Office 2010 Home and Student but also with Adobe Acrobat Standard X.

40" Class (40.0" Diag.) LCD 630 Series TV
40″ Class (40.0″ Diag.) LCD 630 Series TV

I’ve watched Netflix on my new laptop and it’s almost like watching the movies and tv shows on my 40″ LCD flat screen Samsung tv which I also got recently before I got the laptop. I bought the flat screen tv to replace my old 27″ tv that I bought with my uncle at a BJ’s several years ago and that was taking too much space but also the sound wasn’t all that great compared to my new flat screen tv. Since I’ve been reading print books as well as eBooks on my Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch I have a lot of books I could post reviews for on my blog Talk About My Favorite Authors. I just have been too lazy to get on my old and slow laptop to write my book reviews on my blog so that others could read them. But like I said since I’ve gotten my new expensive laptop I’ve been thinking about getting back to blogging and reviewing because I’ve been thinking of going to the BEA conference.

I’m going to try to post some reviews for the books that I’ve recently read but I can’t make a promise of it since like I said I’ve been pretty lazy since I started my full-time job as a file clerk at NYCHSRO/MedReview in the Retro Review department.

Well yesterday was the last day of the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference and it was such a blast! Since I was working from 9AM to 5PM during the weekdays I wasn’t able to participate in any of the panels except a few during the weekend but it was very much fun to join in the chats that were going on at night after all the panels were done.


Terry Kate of Romance in the Backseat hosted most of the panels with the help from Jackie of Literary Escapism as well as Jessica of Novel Reaction and Manda Kay of Manda Reads. There were many interesting panels that were hosted from Wednesday, April 13th to Sunday, April 17th which were 5 days packed with panels, live chats and lively discussions in the forum for all the bloggers, publishers and several authors.


The audio panels that where hosted on TalkShoe will be up for a month before they are taken down from the Ning but Terry may put them up exclusively for BBP members on a private blog. Well I had a wonderful time and I can’t wait until next year when I hope that Terry Kate will be hosting the next Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference for the 3rd year in a row.

BBP_OC_2011Bloggers and Publishers have the same goals, to bring in readers. This Conference is to discuss what is working online to promote books and what we can do better. How can we work together and with authors to bring readers online? What are Publishers goals in working with Bloggers? What are Bloggers and Reviewers looking for? Join us for panels, discussions and giveaways. This is the 2nd annual Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference that is hosted by Terry Kate of Romance in the Backseat as well as several other book bloggers.


How the Conference Works: This is a five day online event that will feature TalkShoe Discussion Panels and open Forums for more inclusive debate on subjects raised. Attendees can listen to panels live or using the links provided at a later more convenient time. The Forums will remain open and those speaking on the panels will be in the forums afterward to answer questions. The Forums will be held in a private Ning for the Conference.


Registration Information: The Conference is open to Publishers, Bloggers, and Industry Professionals. There is a $45 registration fee per person. The Conference will be held on a private Ning that will be opened on April 5th allowing Attendees to profile their companies and leave questions for the live panel discussions ahead of time. You can find more updated information on the conference and panels by going to the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference blog.


For Publishers: The Online Conference runs from April 13-17 and features forums, live chats, and audio panels. We would love to have you take part. There are a few ways your publishing house can participate.

  • Registered Houses can feature themselves in the forum and set aside a time to chat with Bloggers interested in working with them.
  • We are looking for contributions of books to giveaway to attending Bloggers. All titles received from the Conference will be featured in a post with the possibility of a review on each Blogger’s respective site.
  • The panels will be announced January 1, 2011. We will be filling in panelists shortly thereafter.


For Bloggers: The Online Conference runs from April 13-17 and features forums, live chats, and audio panels. We would love to have you take part.

  • Listen live or to pre-recorded panels.
  • Take part in online discussions regarding the panels as the occur.
  • If you are unable to attend at the scheduled time, the recorded panels will be available for listening for one month, so listen at your convenience.
  • Learn what publishers are looking for.
  • Learn new tricks and the latest blogging and vlogging tips.
  • Meet other Bloggers who share your same dedication, excitement and frustrations.
  • Every Blogger attending will receive free books from the attending publishers.


I hope everyone can attend this year but don’t worry if you can’t be there because we all hope to see you at next years Book Bloggers and Publisher Online Conference.

Today Kiki Howell is guest blogging about her currently released novel, The Sorcerer's Songs, which I will be reviewing on here soon. Kiki has been on the blog before for a written interview and guest blog but that is not all I got to chat live with her on my podcast show as well, TAMFA | Phoebe Jordan, which you all can enjoy listening to anytime you want by either going to Blog Talk Radio or the TAMFA Podcast's official website. Now onto Kiki's guest blog:
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I am a paranormal romance author, no if, ands or buts about it. It is mostly what I read, and about the only thing I write. I got this confirmation of that a few weeks ago when I finished writing my first story without any paranormal elements in it. I had to giggle that my heroine ended up into reading paranormal romance, and there were all kinds of references to that effect.

People ask my why paranormal romance though, and I am not sure I have a clear answer even in my own mind. It fascinates me, no it enthralls me—and I just adore the escape. Problems are different when paranormal or fantasy elements are added into the plot. As is sex, *clears throat* but that is a whole other can of worms there. LOL.

Another thing I like is that the lessons in life that we all learn, well they can become complicated by the supernatural. Just consider knowing right from wrong. If you had certain powers, the lure of using them to your personal advantage without regard to others…what a heavy weight to bear. My latest hero, a sorcerer, had to deal with that very issue on several levels.

I wrote The Sorcerer’s Songs using my husband's song lyrics to create the plot. Actually, this story started with one specific song called, The Road. Click Here if you wish to listen to the song. The lyrics had always touched me, and just scratched at me to write a story. However, there were no paranormal elements in any of the songs I used. And yet, my first thought was, what powers can I give him. Immediately I thought with music being so influential, capable of having such an effect on people, it could be used in spells too. A little research both in the psychology field and into Wicca gave me a wealth of knowledge to work with…to let my imagination run away with.

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I'm a part-time aspiring romance novelist, book reviewer and blogger. I've always wanted to travel the world and learn everything I can about other countries. Learning the Italian language is one way of trying to make that dream come true. Traveling will help me with my writing because I'll be learning about the history of the U.S., Latin America, England, Italy, and Ireland, the countries I find so fascinating while reading the romance genre. I read and review romance novels of almost every subgenre along with erotic romance, mystery, sci-fi/fantasy and young adult novels. You can find the reviews at my blogs, Talk About My Favorite Authors and Phoebe Jordan's Reviews. I’ve also started a live podcast show called TAMFA | Phoebe Jordan hosted on Blog Talk Radio. This show is dedicated to everything I love about romance and young adult novels. I love having romance and young adult authors live on my show to be interviewed and showcase their books. I plan to write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, erotic romance, paranormal romance and young adult when I get my writing career started with help from Keta. I'm not sure what genre I'll write to begin with since I love to read so many different romance genres.

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