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2016 Reading Challenge
2016 Reading Challenge
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Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series

Well I wrote about Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry series, which is a very good series that I loved reading and can’t wait for the next book to be written and published. Well the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series is Hamilton’s other best series that I also love reading. There are 15 books already published and the 16th book in the series named Blood Noir came out earlier than when I last posted about the Anita Blake Series. It came out Tuesday, May 27 and I was really glad to finally have the book. The cover isn’t like the others but I think the book is also a bit different than the others. It is also not very big like the others and I thought it could have gone a bit longer but I’m not the writer so I have not control of that. Here is the description of the book from the cover flap and picture:

BLOOD NOIR $ 25.95 (Book 16)(340 Pages)

Now the old bastard’s dying and I won’t have time to forgive before goes…

Jason Schuyler is a werewolf. He’s also one of Anita Blake’s best friends, and sometimes her lover. And right now he needs her—not to be a vampire hunter, or a federal marshal, or a necromancer, or even for her rank in the werewolf pack, but because his father is dying. He needs Anita because she’s a pretty woman who loves him, who can make him look like an everyday guy, who agrees to go home with him and help him say good-bye to the abusive father he never loved. The fact that Jason is about as much an everyday guy as Anita is a pretty woman is something they figure they can keep under wraps for a couple of days in a small town. How hard can that be?

Really, by now, Anita Blake should know better.

Marmee Noir, ancient mother of all vampires, picks this weekend to make a move. Somehow she has cut the connection that binds Anita and Jean-Claude, leaving Jean-Claude unable to sense what is happening. Dangerous even as she sleeps, buried in darkness for a thousand years somewhere beneath the old country of Europe, Marmee Noir reaches out toward power. She has attacked Anita before, but never like this. In Anita she senses what she needs to make her enemies tremble…
Well I wrote about Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, which is a very good series that I loved reading and can’t wait for the next book to be written and published. Well the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series has been turned into a graphic novel that I also love reading. There are so far 8 out 12 comics out. The first 6 comics have been put together in a hardcover volume and there has been a hardcover graphic novel prequel of the whole Anita Blake series. Here is the description of the 2 hardcover graphic novels in the series from the cover flaps and pictures:
ANITA BLAKE, VAMPIRE HUNTER: GUILTY PLEASURES $19.99 (Graphic Novel, Volume 1)(164 Pages)

In a world where vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures are legal citizens of the United States, Anita Blake is an animator—someone who literally raises the dead for a living. But she moonlights as a vampire hunter, called in to resolve situations that are too much for conventional police to handle! Now, a series of murdered vampires are turning up across St. Louis, and Anita Blake has been recruited to bring the killer to justice. But it’s not just he police who want her help, this time. It’s the vampires themselves!
Adapted from the novel Guilty Pleasures by New York Times-bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton, the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter graphic novel introduces readers to the compelling world of Anita Blake and promises to seduce those who aren’t already fans!

ANITA BLAKE, VAMPIRE HUNTER: THE FIRST DEATH $19.99 (Graphic Novel)(164 Pages)

Anita Blake’s adventures began with the novel Guilty Pleasures, where the vampires of the St. Louis area tried to recruit the veteran vampire hunter to help them solve a peculiar mystery. But there were many mysteries about Anita Blake’s past that were left unanswered…until now.

Laurell K. Hamilton and Jonathon Green have finally released the official prequel to the long-running novel series, written exclusively for comics, and featuring the adventures of a younger Anita Blake as she teams up with popular characters Edward and Jean-Claude for a vampire hunt fans will absolutely love sinking their teeth into. It’s the perfect story for old and new fans alike!
Well I wrote about Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry series, which is a very good series that I loved reading and can’t wait for the next book to be written and published. Well the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series is Hamilton’s other best series that I also love reading. There are 15 books already published and the 16th book in the series named Blood Noir is coming out on Tuesday, June 3rd. Here is the description of the 2 most recent books in the series from the cover flaps and pictures:

DANSE MACABRE $ 24.95 (Book 14)(483 Pages)(also in mass market paperback for $ 7.99)

It was the middle of November. I was supposed to be out jogging, but instead I was sitting at my breakfast table talking about men, sex, werewolves, vampires, and that thing that most unmarried but sexually active women fear most. Anita Blake needs to be concentrating on a dangerous situation: The ardeur, the sexual power that flows between Anita and Jean-Claude, Master Vampire of the City, and Richard, the volatile werewolf who loves her passionately, is reaching new levels, perhaps evolving into something altogether new. The ardeur seems to be choosing new lovers for Anita, acting with a will of its own. As Jean-Claude says, the ardeur is hunting powerful prey. The unexpected effect of this is that Jean-Claude’s own power as a Master Vampire has grown to new levels—and Richard, never predictable, is changing, too. But as the days pass, Anita’s less interested in vampire politics than in ancient, ordinary dread she shares with woman down the ages: she may be pregnant. And, if she is, whether the father is a vampire, a werewolf, or someone else entirely, she knows perfectly well that being a Federal Marshal known for raising the dead and executing vampires is no way to bring up a baby.

THE HARLEQUIN $ 25.95 (Book 15)(422 Pages)(also in mass market paperback for $ 7.99 coming out on Tuesday, April 29th)

I have felt such power only once before…

Malcolm, head of the vampire Church of Eternal Life, is no particular friend of Anita Blake. So when he shows up in her office to ask for her help against creatures so feared that no vampire will willingly speak their name, Anita is surprised. But she believes him. Malcolm may not be a Master of the City, but he’s an old and powerful vampire, a leader of men, and he does not easily ask for help—especially from Anita and Jean-Claude, whose power Malcolm considers corrupt. That was the first warning of the Harlequin.

The second warning is presented like a gift, left where she’d be sure to find it, with “Anita” printed on the box. Inside, carefully wrapped in folds of pristine tissue paper, is a white mask, utterly plain. The fact that it’s white, Jean-Claude tells her, is the good news. White means they are only being watched.

The flow of power that connects Anita Blake with Jean-Claude, vampire Master of the City, and with Richard, Ulfric of the werewolves, has been growing and changing, increasing exponentially. Their power seems to have attracted attention, and it’s a kind of attention no one would desire. Jean-Claude and Richard need to be strong allies now. Nathaniel and Micah need to give all their love and aid. And Anita will need to call on Edward, whose utterly human ruthlessness in her defense makes him the right man for the job.

Anita Blake has the authority to pass judgment on vampires. The Harlequin have the authority to pass judgment on her. It is forbidden to speak of the Harlequin unless you’ve been contacted.

Here is the list of all the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series books in order as Laurell K. Hamilton has them:

GUILTY PLEASURES $ 7.99 (Book 1)(266 Pages)
THE LAUGHING CORPSE $ 7.99 (Book 2)(293 Pages)
CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED $ 7.99 (Book 3)(329 Pages)
THE LUNATIC CAFE $ 7.99 (Book 4)(369 Pages)
BLOODY BONES $ 7.99 (Book 5)(370 Pages)
THE KILLING DANCE $ 7.99 (Book 6)(387 Pages)
BURNT OFFERINGS $ 7.99 (Book 7)(392 Pages)
BLUE MOON $ 7.99 (Book 8)(418 Pages)
OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY $ 7.99 (Book 9)(596 Pages)
NARCISSUS IN CHAINS $ 7.99 (Book 10)(644 Pages)
CERULEAN SINS $ 7.99 (Book 11)(547 Pages)
INCUBUS DREAMS $ 23.95 (Book 12)(658 Pages)(also in mass market paperback for $ 7.99)

MICAH $ 7.99 (Book 13)(280 Pages)

For more information fill out the contact form on the left and we will send you the information or visit Laurell K. Hamilton’s website, which is on the left under the My Favorite Authors.

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