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Lori Foster

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Today I have an RT BOOKlovers Convention special show for you because I will be chatting New York Times best-selling romance author Lori Foster who will be talking about her currently released novel, Back in Black, is the fifth book of her SBC Fighter series and her upcoming novel, The Gift of Love, which is an anthology with short stories by several different authors. And she may even give us a sneak peek into some of her future books in her SBC Fighter series as well as any of her other series and novels that she may have in the works right now and any other projects. She will be telling us about her writing experience and what she has in the works writing wise.
Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a Waldenbooks, Borders, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Berkley, Silhouette and Samhain. She is currently with Harlequin. Lori believes it’s important to give back to the community as much as possible, and for that reason she ran special contests in conjunction with a publisher, facilitating many first sales for new authors. She routinely organizes events among authors and readers to gather donations for various organizations. Lori hosts a very special annual “Reader & Author” event in West Chester, Ohio. Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children’s Home. You can find out more about her by either going to her Website, Blog, Facebook Author Page or Twitter.
I have a couple of Lori Foster’s books but this series is fairly new and I love it. I don’t know much about sports especially Supreme Battle Challenge (SBC) Fighters, which I didn’t a clue about what that sport is about and I still don’t know much about them. When I read the first book in this series I at least started to get what SBC Fighters do and in this fourth and upcoming book in the series things take are very 180 turn from what the first 3 books were like. This is an Advance Readers Copy of Lori Foster’s upcoming February 2009 release which I have had the honor of reading and reviewing for her. We met Michael “Mallet” Manchester in the second novel Simon Says and he was also a bit in the third novel Hard to Handle, so we know a bit about Michael but in this novel we get to know him a whole lot better.
In this novel there is a very big twist that will surprise you and take you to a whole different place than the first three novels. It was such a pleasure reading this novel because it was so different and took me to a whole new place that really gave me a thrill with each passing chapter in the novel. Michael is such a strong wonderful character that like the other previous heroes in the SBC Fighters series is a man who respects women of all types and is a fighter to the core without being a egocentric jerk about being a strong and good fighter. He right leg is so severely damaged from a car accident that the doctors tell him he’ll need extensive physical therapy just to walk and so fighting professionally again is out of the question and his career, which has been his life, is over. Then this mysterious woman Kayli Raine appears in his hospital room out of thin air and she’s a tougher woman than Michael is use to, but he’s immediately captivated by her. What he doesn’t expect is for her to offer him a second chance at becoming whole and even though Michael things it’s the drugs talking, he accepts her challenge that brings in to the different place that I have mentioned.

I don’t want to spoil this new and wonderful place that Lori Foster has created because it is something I can’t really describe fully without ruining the whole novel for you. I will say that it a place that gives Michael the chance to become a whole man again and also gives him the love that his SBC fighting friends have and which he didn’t think he was looking for until he met Kayli. Kayli is a strong fighter herself and that is something that is new for Michael but it’s what he has been waiting for his entire life. I’m so glad that I got the chance to read an ARC of this amazing novel, My Man, Michael, and I will be buying the book when it comes out in February 2009 because that is one hot cover that will motivate me to read the novel over and over again in the future. The only thing that got me a bit frustrated is that when I finally got to the last page it got wondering whether we’ve seen the last of this amazing place that Michael has found or if Lori Foster will take us on another trip sometime soon with her future SBC Fighters series. Now that is something to think and consider about while we waiting for the future novels in the series to be announced. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

MY MAN, MICHAEL by Lori Foster $ 7.99 (Book 4)(325 Pages)

Fighter Michael “Mallet” Manchester is on the verge of being an SBC fighting champion. But before he can step into the cage for a shot at the title, a car accident destroys his dream. His right leg is so severely damaged that the doctors tell him he’ll need extensive physical therapy just to walk. Fighting is out of the question. His career has been his life, and now that life is over.

Then Kayli Raine appears. She’s a tougher woman than Mallet is used to, but he’s immediately captivated by her. What he doesn’t expect is for her to offer him a second chance at becoming whole. And even though Mallet thinks it’s the drugs talking, he accepts her challenge…
Like the first book I’ve seen Lori Foster writing as L.L. Foster’s Servant series in the past month since it released at Barnes & Noble. It wasn’t until Lori Foster herself contacted me about reading and reviewing her Servant series that I had the chance to read them. As soon as I finished reading the first book Servant: The Awakening I immediately picked up this book because I was addicted to Gabrielle Cody and Luther Cross and wanted to know what happened next between them. Gaby and Luther had some unfinished business between them at the end of the first book that had me very anxious to find otu what happens next for them and their budding relationship. I also wanted to see what was going on with Mort because he had changed almost completely at the end of the first novel especially since it seemed that Luther’s police partner Ann was interested in Mort. I thought that this novel was better than the first for me because I already felt like I have a hold on what type of person Gaby is and her relationship with Luther is very intriguing.
The last book dealt with creepy cancerous people who seems like evil demons which is something I don’t completely understand how it happened, while in this novel it deals with something I’ve read about happening before in mystery novels and such. I also liked this book better because Gaby and Luther’s relationship is developing quickly and things are really heating up between them, which I’m glad is finally happening. I also thought that it was great that Morth is in this novel as a more secure and manly man who now has a detective as a girlfriend. It was also great that Gaby has developed a sisterly relationship with the young girl she saved in the first novel whose name is Bliss. I liked the character Bliss because she also has a gifted power of seeing things that will happen or had happened and this is something that Gaby can relate to.
I liked the development of all the characters such as the hero and heroine, Gaby and Luther and also the important secondary characters such as Mort, Ann and even Bliss. By the end of this second book in this wonderfully written series that has captivated me since the first book has me anxiously waiting for more. I’m happy that the third book Servant: Kindred will be coming out in a couple of months next year. Again I am so thankful that Lori got a hold of me and asked me to review this exciting series and she now has a devoted Servant series fan. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:
SERVANT: THE ACCEPTANCE $ 7.99 (Book 3)(298 Pages)

Gabriella Cody has accepted her destiny as God’s warrior charged to destroy all evil. Surrounded by violence, she must be ready for anything, but Gaby wasn’t prepared to see Detective Luther Cross ever again. He’s the beacon of reality in her life, the one thing that makes her feel human, like a real woman. Because she has work to do—this time protecting the street-walkers—Gaby resists involvement with Luther now, though he gives her purpose, something more than just working at God’s whim. But her life retribution is far too dangerous even for Luther, and this time it’s not just their hearts that won’t come out unscathed…
I’ve heard about this book and even seen it many times when I’ve visited Barnes & Noble but never had the money to buy and read it. It wasn’t until I was contacted by Lori Foster, who writes the Servant series as L.L. Foster contacted me about reading and reviewing both books in her Servant series, which she had an ARC of her newly released 2nd book Servant: The Acceptance. I told her it would be my pleasure since I’ve been meaning to get both books and read them. I alwasy like trying to find new romance genres and authors to read because I like to read different styles especially characters that aren’t exactly what we would call normal. The heroine, Gabrielle Code, is not your typical 21-year-old since she is a 6 foot tall skinny young woman but on top of that she is a unique woman. Gaby is a loner who has never had a normal life with loving parents and siblings and she has a calling from God that has been with her all her life causing her physical pain whenever evil is near or something evil is happening around her.
Gaby has seen and done things that no woman should ever go through and experience but there was one light in her life when she met a priest when she was 17-years-old. That is when she started to actually understand that God had gave her a gift to help the innocent from pure evil. But she took a low blow that has emotionally scarred her for life when her only family the priest died by the destructive diease called cancer. This showed her that she should not ever get close to anyone becasue it would only hurt her when they die either because of her or because they are around her. Gaby is so crude when she talks to people and that has never gained her any friends so I’m guessing that it is a way to protect herself so she can never lose them. Then she meets Detective Luther Cross one day and her life took a 180 that she would never expect. Also her landlord Mort starts to get more talkative and friendlier to her and she somehow ends up befriending him.
I really enjoyed Gaby and Luther’s interaction with one another especially the sexual tension between them towards the end of the novel when Gaby starts to understand what sex really is and how it could be with Luther. I enjoyed this novel very much even though when I started reading it I wasn’t too sure where things were going and I wasn’t too sure that I was going to end up enjoying the book. Things changed for the better when I got towards the middle of the book because it was then that the plot got interesting with Gaby, Luther and even Mort and it all sucked me in and held my attention to the very end. I have to say when I got to the ending I was already super happy that I had the second book in my possession and didn’t have to wait to read what happens next with Gaby, Luther and Mort. I’m glad that Lori contacted me about reading and reviewing her Servant series because I don’t know how long it would have taken me to finally get to buying and reading the Servant series. I am also glad to hear that her third novel in this series called Servant: Kindred willl be out next year and I will be anxiously waiting for it to be released. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:
SERVANT: THE AWAKENING $ 7.99 (Book 1)(299 Pages)
To most people, demons look like regular citizens. But Gabriella Cody has the ability to see these creatures as they really are—and the responsibility to destroy them. Hers is a special purpose, a divine obligation, and a heavy burden. Detective Luther Cross finds himself attracted to Gaby even as he becomes suspicious of her proximity to a murder victim. Despite his mistrust, he tries to offer her a tenderness she’s never experienced and doesn’t dare accept. For Gaby senses that another malevolent presence is watching her…stalking her. As desperately as she tries, Gaby cannot find the source of this menace. But again and again, she is drawn to an abandoned hospital that is surrounded by an aura of sickness and suffering and something more—an unimaginable evil…
I love Lori Foster’s novels and I’ve heard so much about her novels about the Winston men but never had the chance to read their books. So when Lori came to me about reviewing her December Berkley Anthology release of Double the Pleasure which features an all new Winston novella I knew I had to get the books that started it all. Wildly Winston is a four-in-one novel with the first 4 books about the original 4 Winston brothers and also the book Say No to Joe? which comes after Wild. After reading all four Winston brother’s love stories and reading their cousin Joe Winston’s love story I have to say I was excited about reading this book. I’ve never had the pleasure of reading any of Jacquie D’Alessandro, Penny McCall and Deirdre Martin’s novels but after reading their novellas in this novel I’m going to be check out some websites and bookstores and seeing what new novels I will be trying out next year.
Deuces Wild by Lori Foster is the first novella of the book and is another wonderful Winston story to capture your heart from the beginning of this awesome novella. This novella is about twin Winston brothers Dexter and Hart Winston who have used their identical appearance to fool their family and even women to thinking they were one or the other twin. Dexter Winston, the hero, is helping out his twin brother Hart who is an artist but wants to become a professional SBC fighter but doesn’t want the family to know about it yet until he was official signed on and would make it. So Dex has agreed to pose as Hart and live in his apartment while he’s training and battling to make it as an official SBC fighter. That is when Dex meets his soul mate Christy Nash who can tell that this new Hart was very different from the Hart she knew a couple of days ago. Their courtship is short and sweet but very wonderful to read especially since by the end of the novel I got the feeling that Hart Winston would have his story told in another novella because there was some unfinished business going on.
The Luck of the Irish by Deirdre Martin is the second novella in this anthology and is an introduction to this new author for me and it is also the novella that kicks off her new series, The Wild Hart Saga. I don’t know if you know this but I love the Irish ever since I read Nora Roberts novel Three Fates and when I read this title I knew this was going to be a good novella no matter what and I was right! The heroine Maggie O’Brien has been through a horrible marriage and then divorce that has her jaded against me especially charming and attractive men like her cheating ex-husband. Then Maggie has taken an instant attraction to the Irishman Brendan Kelly who is working with his uncle to give her family’s pub, the Wild Hart a face-lift. Brendan came to New York to work for his uncle Joe when the economy in Ireland was at an all time low and he needed a way to make a living. Brendan is also working towards getting his citizenship in order to stay in New York and take over his uncle Joe’s business when he finally retires. I really loved this novella and I’m looking forward to find out more about Deidre Martin’s Wild Hart Saga because as long as it’s filled with the interesting Irish characters I read in this novella I know it will be a good read.
Your Room or Mine? by Jacquie D’Alessandro is third novella in this lovely anthology and is also another introduction to a new author for me. At first I didn’t know what to think of this story because it was kind of slow going for me but that all changed when I got into the plot of the story that came just in time. I loved the hero, Jack Walker, and the heroine, Madeline Price, because they both seemed like such fascinating characters that have personal issues that could be a problem for the relationship. Jack and Madeline clash very badly in their work place because Madeline is the consultant who is helping Jack the Chief Financial Officer of the Java Haven company. But everything changes when they are all made to go on a fun-filled weekend of team building at Casa di Lago and that is where things get interesting because Jack and Madeline are the first to get there before everyone else. I enjoyed this novella after things got interesting in the second and third chapter and I’m glad I didn’t skip the novella.
Double the Danger by Penny McCall is the fourth and last novella in this anthology and it is yet another introduction to a new author for me. I enjoyed this novella okay but it wasn’t as good as the other novellas and don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the characters very much but it didn’t captivate me as much as the first novellas. The heroine, Dr. Abigail West, was an interesting character and so was the hero Drake is an FBI agent who she had a previously serious relationship with in college for two years before he left her without a good-bye. He some how ends up dead on her autopsy table or that is what she thinks when she opens up the body bag he came in. Then she notices that he is still alive and he grabs her by the throat and that is when things get dangerous. I had fun reading all the exciting trouble they both get into and it was nice to see that even after years apart they felt something strong for one another. Over all I’m so glad that Lori Foster contacted me about reviewing this AMAZING anthology full of wonderful authors and you all should go out and buy it because I can tell you that you won’t regret it. If nothing else buy it for that lovely and sexy cover that I love looking at whenever I was reading the novel. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:
DOUBLE THE PLEASURE $ 15.00 (also including authors Jacquie D’Alessandro, Penny McCall and Deirdre Martin)(Book 3)(362 Pages)

Think of the man you’d give anything to be with. Think of what you’d like to do to him…and what you’d like him to do to you. Think of the fun you could have. Now, double it!
Joining forces

New York Times bestselling sensation Lori Foster, USA Today bestselling authors Deirdre Martin and Jacquie D’Alessandro, and Penny McCall join together for this tantalizing anthology…

Trading places
Includes a brand-new novella featuring the Winston cousins—sexy twins who use their knockout mirror image goods look to switch places and have a little fun with the girls of each other’s dreams…
I love Lori Foster’s novels and I’ve heard so much about her novels about the Winston men but never had the chance to read their books. So when Lori came to me about reviewing her December Berkley Anthology release of Double the Pleasure which features an all new Winston novella I knew I had to get the books that started it all. Wildly Winston is a four-in-one novel with the first 4 books about the original 4 Winston brothers and now I’m reviewing the book Say No to Joe? which comes after Wild. After reading all four Winston brother’s love stories and have a peek into their cousin Joe Winston’s life I have to say I was excited about reading this book. Joe Winston is a dangerous man who loves to live dangerously especially since his past and current job consisted of being a bodyguard, private investigator and a bounty hunter.

But in Zane’s book Wild he seemed to have found a woman who could match him in Tamera’s friend and employee Luna Clark. At the end of Wild I knew that Luna and Joe would have their own story because I read the sexual tension between them and I was excited about this book. When I was finished reading it I knew I was right in picking up with book because it had everything I like in a novel. There were two wonderful kids that made the story fun and exciting to read especially mixed with all the suspense and sexual tension between Luna and Joe. It was great to read about another Winston fall head-over-heels in love with a strong woman who could put up with his macho good looks and his heavy attitude. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:
SAY NO TO JOE? $ 6.99 (Book 2)(416 Pages)

Joe Winston has a routine with women: he exists; they swoon; roll credits. With his smoldering looks, macho style, and irrepressible charm, Joe can have any woman—except the one he really wants. Secretly, Luna Clark may lust after Joe, but she’s made it clear that she’s too smart to fall for him. He can just keep holding his breath, thank you very much. But now, Luna’s inherited two kids who need more than she alone can give in a small town that seems hell-bent on driving them away. She needs someone to help out…someone who can’t be intimidated…someone just like Joe. Becoming an instant family wasn’t exactly what Joe had in mind, but hey, it’s a start, and you can’t blame a guy for trying every angle.
After all, where there’s a Joe, there’s a way…straight into a woman’s heart.
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I'm a part-time aspiring romance novelist, book reviewer and blogger. I've always wanted to travel the world and learn everything I can about other countries. Learning the Italian language is one way of trying to make that dream come true. Traveling will help me with my writing because I'll be learning about the history of the U.S., Latin America, England, Italy, and Ireland, the countries I find so fascinating while reading the romance genre. I read and review romance novels of almost every subgenre along with erotic romance, mystery, sci-fi/fantasy and young adult novels. You can find the reviews at my blogs, Talk About My Favorite Authors and Phoebe Jordan's Reviews. I’ve also started a live podcast show called TAMFA | Phoebe Jordan hosted on Blog Talk Radio. This show is dedicated to everything I love about romance and young adult novels. I love having romance and young adult authors live on my show to be interviewed and showcase their books. I plan to write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, erotic romance, paranormal romance and young adult when I get my writing career started with help from Keta. I'm not sure what genre I'll write to begin with since I love to read so many different romance genres.

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