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Today I have paranormal romance author Eva Gordon who contacted me about scheduling an author interview, author guest blog and book reviews. I’ve already read and reviewed her first two books in her Wolf Maiden Chronicles series which are called Werewolf Sanctuary and Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf. But that is not all because I will be chatting live with Eva Gordon on my live podcast show TAMFA—Phoebe Jordan on Thursday, October 8th at 9PM EST (8PM CST or 6PM PST). Also don’t forget that this Wednesday Eva will be guest blogging about her Wolf Maiden Chronicles series. Now onto my author interview with Eva:
Phoebe Jordan: When did you know that writing romance was going to be the thing that you would do with your life?

Eva GordonEva Gordon: I’m a sucker for happy ever after endings. I hate finding out at the end that the two lovers cannot be together.

Phoebe: Which author inspired you to start writing romance?

Eva: Diane Gabaldon with her Jaime and Claire stories.

Phoebe: Did you know what type of romance you wanted to write about or did you experiment with different genres before you chose the one that you felt was for you?

Eva: At first I thought I was going to write fantasy and science fiction novels. But my stories always ended up having a strong romantic element. I love paranormal and fantasy romance, and also hope to write science fiction romance. I love historical romance as well and love combining paranormal and historical romance in my ‘werewolf historical’ series The Wolf Maiden Chronicles.

Phoebe: What was the first fiction you ever wrote besides any school work? And do you still have it with you?

Eva: I re-wrote the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I made the wolf the good guy. This was in my high school days and no, I don’t still have it.

Phoebe: How much research do you have to do for your novels and does it take you a long time to gather that research?

Eva: Quite a bit. I have done research on real wolves and for my paranormal historical novels I do a lot of research. I love the research process.

Phoebe: How did you come up with the concept for your current release novels, Werewolf Sanctuary and Beast Warrior, which is also the first two books in your Wolf Maiden Chronicles Series?

Werewolf Sanctuary by Eva GordonEva: Since I love wolves, wolf and werewolf lore I knew I wanted to create a lycan universe. After volunteering at a wolf sanctuary I decided to start my series with a contemporary Werewolf Sanctuary, where we learn about the secret lycan society that leads to the other ‘werewolf historical’ novels. Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf takes place in 840 AD. I love Norse mythology and Viking history, which I was delighted to include in my lycan universe.

Phoebe: How did you come up with the concept for your upcoming novel, White Wolf of Avalon: Werewolf Knight, which is also the third book in your Wolf Maiden Chronicles Series? And what are your titles and plans for any of your future books in your Wolf Maiden Chronicles Series?

Eva: I love early Britain. I read about a werewolf in King Arthur’s court named Gorlagon and who sometimes goes by the name of Marrok. Gorlagon became my ‘bad guy’. White Wolf of Avalon: Werewolf Knight is my Arthurian werewolf tale where there are cameos by Arthurian characters but the story is about my lycans and most importantly Sir Bledig, a lycan who rejects his nature to become a knight of the Round Table. Annora, is the wolf maiden who simply wants to be a scribe and historian. Court intrigue and lycan battles bring danger to all. Currently I am working on Lycan Gladiator, which takes place in Ancient Rome. Many more are planned which will touch on known werewolf lore. Even a Western one is in the works.

Phoebe: How do you come up with each of your characters for your novels? How do you choose their names out of so many names out there?

Eva: There is always a hero who is an alpha lycan and a heroine who is his chosen wolf maiden or human life mate. All other characters are lycans, humans or other shifters such as bearskins. How they are chosen depends on the story and time period. For naming characters I go on several websites of names from various periods in history.

Phoebe: Do you have a favorite character that you really enjoyed writing about in your current release novels, Werewolf Sanctuary and Beast Warrior? Did you have a character that you felt you could really relate to in your current release novels, Werewolf Sanctuary and Beast Warrior?

Eva: I like Sigurd from Beast Warrior because the idea of a Viking werewolf was fun to work with. His love for Emelisse is all encompassing. I can relate to Madeline Styles from Werewolf Sanctuary because like me she is scientist and I could relate to her because she refused to believe in werewolves, until Wyatt, the hunky alpha lycan drops into her world.

Phoebe: Do you have a favorite character that you really enjoyed writing about in your upcoming novel, White Wolf of Avalon? Did you have a character that you felt you could really relate to in your upcoming novel, White Wolf of Avalon?

Eva: I loved Sir Bledig, the reluctant werewolf because unlike my previous heroes he only wants to be human and fights his true nature. I can relate to Annora because she prefers intellectual pursuits rather than being the intended mate to a powerful pack leader.

Phoebe: Do you have a process of how you start to write your novels?

Werewolf Sanctuary by Eva GordonEva: I select a time period and a place, I then research the local werewolf lore of that particular area. For my forthcoming novels I create the world and the major conflict.

Phoebe: Which do you like best, writing a series or writing stand alone novels? How is writing each different for you?

Eva: I love the series but unlike most, each of mine can be stand alone novels. In my soon to be released fantasy trilogy, The Realm Trilogy you follow the couple throughout all three books.

Phoebe: What process did you have to go through to get your first book published and did it take you long?

Eva: I sent hundreds of query letters both to publishers and agents. It seemed like it took forever but in reality less than a year.

Phoebe: Do you ever get writers block? What do you do to get rid of it so you can get back to writing your novels?

Eva: Fortunately, I don’t get writer’s block. My problem the opposite. All the stories in my head want to come out. I have to focus on my work in progress.

Phoebe: What is your biggest reader pet peeve, if you have any? (stock characters, unresolved endings, predictability, everything wrapped up hurriedly in the end, etc.)

Eva: Unresolved endings, which are rare in romance but not in fantasy novels that are part of a series. I think each book should have a solid ending and not leave you hanging for another year or more.

Phoebe: Which aspects of writing do you enjoy the most and why? And what is your biggest writing pet peeve? (overuse of exclamation points, adverbs, bad guys named Wayne, etc.), if you have any?

Eva: I enjoy creating the first draft because I watch the characters develop and fall in love for the first time. Editing is fun because you are making your story better. I don’t really have a writing pet peeve.

Phoebe: What is the one writing tool can you not live without?

Eva: My computer. I don’t know how Jane Austen did it.

Phoebe: How do you handle your writing schedule and your personal life without going insane?

White Wolf of Avalon: Werewolf Knight by Eva GordonEva: I try to write 2000 words per day after I clean up the previous chapter. I’m an early bird and do most of my writing in the morning to early afternoon. I try not to let it interfere with my personal life, including my time working with animals.

Phoebe: What do you do to relax after having spent a long while writing? Do you have any hobbies?

Eva: Part of my routine includes going on a run with my dog or biking. I also try volunteer at local animal sanctuaries. I want to be a falconer’s apprentice but for the moment that has been suspended while I start my writing career.

Phoebe: Is there any advice that you would give to an aspiring romance writer that you wish someone had given you?

Eva: Get a good critique partner who will help without changing your story and voice.

Phoebe: Is there any writing tips, research tips, promotion and marketing tips that you would give to an aspiring romance writer that you wish someone had given you?

Eva: For research create a folder for each particular book with bookmarks. In terms of promotion and marketing I am still a novice, but a good internet presence is a must. Be everywhere. I still need help with marketing because all I really want to do is write.

Phoebe: Do you have a favorite genre you like to read? Who is your favorite author(s)?

Eva: I like fantasy and historical novels. I like Jacqueline Carey, Terry Goodkind and Diane Gabaldon. I don’t have a particular favorite author for historical novels. I also like non-fiction natural history books as well.

Phoebe: What are you reading now? And what do you plan to read after that?

Eva: Nothing at the moment since I’m writing my current novel and the only reading I do for the moment is research material. But I will read Diane Gabaldon’s next Jaimie and Claire novel due out next month.

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