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2016 Reading Challenge
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We have today erotic romance author from Ravenous Romance Elle Amery being an author guest blogger. I met her through Keta Diablo who writes for Ravenous Romance as well and I had a great time interviewing Elle that I got to know her and her writing better. You can read and enjoy my interview with her here and you can still leave your comments because Elle will stop by to answer them. But that is not all because I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing all of her RR books in her Quartzton series through Manic Readers. You can read the review for all of the books in her Quartzton series Saving Sophie and Grace on Fire and Tally’s Gift. Leave your comments and questions because Elle Amery will be stopping by to answer any that you leave in the comments section. Now for her guest blog:

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Out of all my novels, Tally’s Gift is the only one that got its basis from a real life scenario. A male friend of mine had injured both hands and wasn’t able to do the same thing Brett Huntsman wasn’t able to do. All his friends, including me, razzed him about his condition (I’ll make it clear—I did not do what Tally did!). I thought at the time, giggling over my friend’s increasingly uncomfortable state, how real life sometimes is funnier than fiction. Much to my friend’s embarrassment, the idea for Tally’s Gift was born.

Tally’s Gift is the third in a series set in the small fictional town of Quartzton. The first two books in the series are Saving Sophie and Grace on Fire. The books follow three best friends, Sophie, Grace and Tally, as they fall in love with each other’s older (and way smokin’ hot) brothers, Jake, Wyatt and Brett, who have also been best of friends their whole lives. In the series, there are a few punches are thrown and some guilt over sleeping with each other’s siblings, but I’m a sappy romantic, so trust in love as you read these books. Love won’t ever fail.

When I’d started on Tally’s Gift, I had just finished Grace on Fire and was exhausted. I gave myself a week to recuperate, and then I plunged back in to the story, thinking that seven weeks would be stretching it. I forgot to calculate in Christmas! Making Christmas presents is always an important part of my year, and I lost another week to baking and sewing, leaving me with six weeks in which to write a book. But, I’ve found that if I have enough alone time, I can whip out up to five thousand words a day. The key for me is to dream out the scene enough times in my mind until it’s almost written in my brain, even down to the tags and beats. Then I unplug the phone, lock my door, and gather all available frozen Jr. Mints and get to writing!

I’d originally thought that the Quartzton series would end with Tally’s Gift. However, one of the antagonists, Doris, from Saving Sophie and Grace on Fire, is actually quite a sympathetic character and has an intriguing story to tell, especially when the daughter she gave up for adoption shows up in town. Also, sex hound Don Marshall, from Grace on Fire, has a lot to learn about being a good man. He has integrity, but had been such a nerd as a kid and teenager that he covers it up with sexual bravado. I’d like to see what happens to Don when he’s faced with a strong and sensual woman who can both take him down a peg and build him up at the same time. Keep an eye out for future books in the Quartzton series!

TALLY’S GIFT by Elle Amery $ 4.99 (Book 3)(177 Pages)

Tally Bennett’s always been a giver, Brett Huntsman’s always been a player. When Brett has a snowboarding accident and can’t use his hands, Tally’s happy to help him out-in more ways than one-but for one night and one night only. Then Tally is asked for one more favor: take care of egotistical rich boy Brett while his broken bones heal. She just started developing her new bath and body line, Naughty Body-how is she supposed to find the time to take care of Brett and deal with his latest request: that they indulge in a six-week sex fest?

Brett always gets what he wants, and he wants sex with Tally. But a sex fest with lush, earthy Tally affects Brett in a way he never saw coming, and he’s just discovered the one thing money can’t buy-Tally’s heart. Can a self-centered rich boy and a self-made country girl come to learn the true meaning of giving before their differences rip them apart?

You can find Elle Amery at her Website, her Blog, Twitter, MySpace, Ning Profile, Red Room, Shelfari, Goodreads and Library Thing.

3 Responses to Elle Amery explains “Tally’s Gift”

  • I like the story of how Tally’s Gift came about. I will be buying this as soon as the budget allows, as I already have one of Elle’s books (Saving Sophie) and am planning on picking up Grace on Fire. Saving Sophie was na excellent read by the way, and I enjoyed the whole experience.

  • Thank you, Nancy, for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed Saving Sophie. When I originally conceived the stories, each of the three girls had such a strong characters and compelling stories to tell that I knew I’d need to write three separate books. Keep Tally’s Gift on your To Buy list, and make sure to sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already – contests and freebies will be listed (sometimes even free books)!

    Elle Amery

  • Neat. I just read one of Keta’s books.

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