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2016 Reading Challenge
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I do love paranormal romances very much because the authors create this totally different world that is similar to our own world. But these worlds these authors create are filled with all these paranormal creatures that we only think is myth but are totally real in paranormal romances. I know that author Jessica Coulter Smith loves to read paranormal romances so when she writes paranormal romances are what she ends up creating. I had her guest blog here about her novel, Moonlight Protector, which is the first book of her Ashton Grove Werewolves series. I also posting my interview with her here so you can read it to find out more about Jessica’s writing and about some of her hobbies and favorite authors. I had the pleasure of reviewing her first book in her new series called Moonlight Protector and what a nice read that was for me. Well I have been reading a lot of books since I joined up to be a reviewer for the website Manic Readers and this is one of my many reviews for them. Today I’m going to be posting my review of Magnolia Magick by Jessica Coulter Smith.

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Lissa, who is a famous romance author, has travelled to a small town in southern Georgia because she needs to complete her latest novel for her agent or else. So she decides to rent an antebellum plantation for the next six months that she forgot to check out before deciding to rent the place. However, she didn’t count on sharing her temporary home with the resident ghost who is named Jesse and he has been dead for almost one hundred years. In all of his time on earth, both as a living person and spectral ghost haunting his home, he has never met anyone as special to him as Lissa. If Jesse had a beating heart, it would have stopped beating the moment he saw her because why couldn’t Lissa, who is passionate, beautiful, talented woman, have come along while he was still alive. During a trip to town, Lissa meets the local bank owner named Jared and he is one sinfully handsome banker who sweeps Lissa off her feet after five minutes. He claims to be in love with her and wants her to move permanently to the small town of Maple Falls so that they can continue their very fast paced relationship. Things are heating up very quickly between the two of them which leaves Lissa totally confused over whether it’s really love or uncontrollable lust that is drawing them together after such a short time. When Jared finds out that Lissa likes to casts spells and visits a magick shop things take a turn for the worse for their relationship. Jared can’t afford the hint of scandal which will send him running the other way instead of standing by Lissa in her time of need.

Magnolia Magic by Jessica Coulter SmithI’ve read the first book of Jessica Coulter Smith’s Ashton Grove Werewolves series and really loved it so I was very much looking forward to reading one of her stand alone novels. The cover of Magnolia Magick really grabbed me when I first saw it, so I went to read the blurb next to see what the book would be about. I love to read paranormal romances because they take what we think of as normal and turn it into a totally different world filled with their own imagined beliefs of paranormal. I don’t read much paranormal romances about ghosts so it was a nice change of pace to read this novel by an author I liked reading. I thought it was so interesting that the heroine Lissa is a famous romance author in need of some alone time to get her next novel in her best selling series finished. It added a wonderful twist when she gets to the house she’s renting and finds the ghost of a very hot man living there already. I really thought that Lissa and Jesse were the intended couple in the beginning but then she meets Jared who really sweeps her off her feet. I was not that happy with that twist to the story because I thought Lissa and Jesse were the perfect couple. That didn’t put me off to the novel though because as I kept reading I could see that there was something bigger for Lissa and Jesse. There was something about Jared that I thought was too smooth and charming that I didn’t like and could see that it will be a good to be true relationship for Lissa. I was both sad and happy when things took a turn for the worse but I was so happy for the wonderful ending. Jessica Coulter Smith delivers an intriguing paranormal novel with twists and turns that will keep you guessing and with the thought of getting a wonderful happily ever after.

Magnolia Magick review on Manic Readers

You can find the original review of this book on Manic Readers and you can find it by clicking on the banner above to get there.

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