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2016 Reading Challenge
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Today is a special day here on Talk About My Favorite Authors because I’ll be hosting day 4 of the Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven Book Blog Tour. From the title of the blog tour there will be eleven different blog stops and plus two additional stops to introduce the blog tour and to conclude the blog tour starting Saturday, April 18 to Saturday, May 2. Here is the list of all the stops on the RR Ornery Eleven Book Blog Tour:

Saturday, April 18—Zhadi’s Den—Intro Stop
Sunday, April 19—Jennifer’s Random Musings—Elle Amery
Monday, April 20—Unbound—Lisa Lane
Tuesday, April 21—Talk About My Favorite Authors—Angela Cameron
Wednesday, April 22—Kissa Starling—Em Lynley
Thursday, April 23—The Countess—Jamaica Layne
Friday, April 24—PNR Inklings Blog at ParaNormal Romance—Sèphera Girón
Saturday, April 25—Wicked Thorn and Roses—Isabel Roman
Monday, April 27—Sia’s Thoughts On…—Neve Black
Wednesday, April 29—Bryn Greenwood—C. Margery Kempe
Thursday, April 30—Bookwenches—Savannah Chase
Friday, May 1—Neve Black—Inara LaVey
Saturday, May 2—Night Owl Romances—Final Stop

* * * * * *
Hi. *waves* I’m Angela Cameron, your lead blogger for the day on the Ravenous Romance Blog Tour. Our question for the day is this:

“What do you feel is the most important thing that you can bring to your readers?”

Angela Cameron: For me, other than a well-written story, I think that the most important thing that I can bring my readers is fun. Stories are daydreams that we share with our readers, escapes. Personally, I want to escape to a place where there’s action, suspense, romance, and so many other things that are not in the humdrum life of laundry and work. I want to visit another world, be seduced by a hottie, and still have time to catch a bad guy. My readers aren’t much different. So, if they’re spending their hard-earned money on one of my books, I think that they should get their money’s worth.

Let’s hear what the other my friends from Ravenous have to say about this, and then I want to know what you think is the most important.

Isabel Roman: Solid plot with believable characters and a steamy romantic story. Also, emotional involvement with the characters. I love to make someone feel something—whether it’s hatred toward a villain, sadness for the black moments, or infatuation with the hero, it’s about eliciting a reaction.

Neve Black: I want the reader to identify with the character or the situation.

Lisa Lane: It is my hope that my readers experience the same magic I feel when writing a passage that has taken on a depth and life of its own. My muses have a fascination with profundity, which can make for some disturbing plot twists, but also some interesting insights.

EM Lynley: My main goal is to entertain readers. I want to give people a little something outside of their everyday life to come to that’s just pure enjoyment. I like introducing them to a set of characters that they can love and think about, maybe even after they’re done reading the book.

Jamaica Layne: I want them to be entertained and to have a good time while reading. If I haven’t done that, then I haven’t done my job.

Inara LaVey: Entertainment! And hopefully what good books give me—a pocket of time transported away from reality into another world.

C. Margery Kempe: I have a lot of esoteric knowledge that I like to make accessible to a wide audience. I guess it’s the teacher in me.

Savannah Chase: For me the most important thing would have to be characters they can fall in love with, even relate to. I want my books to take them away if it is only for a few pages. I want readers to be able to care about the characters.

Elle Amery: The most important thing that I can bring to my readers is the chance to let go of all their own troubles and enter into another world—a world where difficulties and challenges may exist, but all absolutely will come out well in the end. And when the reader is done with one of my stories, I hope they have a strengthened sense of self and of the belief that good things do happen, the girl does get the prince, the good guy is out there, life can be wonderful.

Sèphera Girón: I always say I live to entertain. I want my stories to be read and enjoyed and not take a lot of work to understand what I’m trying to say.

* * * * * *

We’ve heard from our authors and now want to ask the readers…So—do you agree, or do you think there’s another element that perhaps we’re not thinking of? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

* * * * * *

Here’s the EXCERPT from the book prize, Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael by me, Angela Cameron. It’s in the beginning of the book and should give you a little taste of what you can expect. Enjoy!

Tori stared at him. If there was one vampire that everyone seemed to think remotely resembled an honest person, it was Michael. Of course, all of the vampiro played the power games and did what best suited their interests. Plus, he was the most powerful in the area. He was right; she couldn’t do it without him.

She sighed and nodded. “Only if you swear you won’t molest me or some shit.”

He chuckled. “Every time we meet, you act as though I can’t resist you. I assure you that I have plenty of female companions.”

“That’s not a promise.”

He laughed harder, and with a nod, added, “I swear to you, I won’t do anything while you are enthralled that you don’t ask for.”

Tori grumbled, “Still not good enough.” She pointed at him. “You could suggest it, or have me begging through bl—your influences.”

His smile faded. “You’re beginning to annoy me.”

“You’ll get over it.”

He placed a hand over his heart, as if that gave the words more validity. “I promise that I will not do anything that you truly do not wish me to do, and I will not bite you. Even when you beg.”

She refused to play his game. “Alright. I’ll be by tomorrow to get started.”

With one last gulp that drained the margarita, she slid from the chair.

“I expect my payment tonight.”


“You have your promise, which puts me immediately in danger. So I expect payment tonight.”

“You’re out of your mind.”

“Then you have no deal.” Michael stood and walked toward the door that she knew lead to the V.I.P. section of the club that was reserved for vampires.

Shit. If she let him bite her and mess with her head, she probably wouldn’t think straight for days. But she needed him. It wasn’t an option.

“Michael.” She caught up to him as he moved into the other room. “I’ll give you half. Just a nibble. No mind games.”

He turned to her and a slow grin crept across his face. “I thought you might.” He motioned toward a dark booth in the corner. “It will only take a moment.”

Tori’s heart beat a little faster and her palms grew moist as she reached the table.

“Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not.”

“Liar.” Michael slid into the booth and motioned to the seat beside him.

She slipped in, but kept a little space between them. “How do I know you’re going to stop?”

“You don’t.”

“I want a witness.”

He gave her a slight nod, then slipped one arm up on the back of her seat. “Jonas will be here in just a moment.”

Dammit. Just what she needed: a witness who wanted her blood as much as he did.

Before she could argue, Jonas entered the room. He was even more gorgeous than he had been on stage. The man was pure sex on legs and he stalked toward her with a devious grin. “So, you’re ready to admit how much you want me?”

Tori rolled her eyes. “Let’s just get this over with.”

Jonas slid in beside her. “What am I going to witness?”

Michael spoke before she did. “She agreed to let me feed once, but she doesn’t trust me to stop.”

He laughed. “Smart woman.”

Michael let out a soft growl.

Jonas shrugged.

“Alright.” Tori angled herself toward Michael and arched her neck. “Go ahead.”

“I was going for the arm, but if you insist.” He slid a warm hand behind her neck and pulled her closer.

When Tori closed her eyes, she inhaled him in one long breath that made her mind feel light and dizzy. He smelled wonderful. The scent of him took her back to that light place where her body wanted him naked against her. Somewhere inside her alarms were going off, but she didn’t care. The only thing she cared about was the fact that his other hand was wrapped around her waist, but she wanted it between her legs, massaging the growing throb that made her skin moisten. Her heart thumped and the image of him going down on her filled her mind.

She opened her eyes to expel the vision. “I think I don’t—”

The pinprick of fangs hit her skin.

Then his teeth pushed in with a pop that made her gasp. Her mind focused on the mouth and the feel of Michael’s waist in her hands. She gripped him, feeling the pull of his mouth on her neck, along with the heat from her blood as it moved into him. Time seemed irrelevant as she melted into his grasp.

Jonas made a gasping noise that reminded her that he was watching. She felt him scoot closer and could feel his eyes on them. His hand went to her wrist. She knew he was checking her pulse, but it gave her the feeling that he wanted to join them.

She heard Jonas say something, but she couldn’t make out the words.

* * * * * *

Sorry to stop you there, but you’ll have to go to Ravenous Romance to get the rest of the book. Unless you win a copy by commenting here, of course!

Remember to leave a comment; it automatically enters you to win a copy of Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael (an excerpt is above) by moi. We’ll also be giving away three $5.00 gift certificates for Ravenous on three random stops. You won’t know which ones until the tour is over, so visit as many as you can! And if you leave a comment on every stop in the RR Ornery Eleven BBT, you’re eligible to win a $25 gift certificate from Ravenous Romance!

Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you, Phoebe, for hosting us! And also thanks to Phoebe who created the new Ravenous Romance Authors blog and the nice badges for blogs and banners for websites/message boards that you can find the codes for on the blog as well. You can get the codes for both below:

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Please visit Kissa Starling tomorrow, April 22nd, for another question of the day and our featured author Em Lynley!

65 Responses to Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven Blog Tour – Angela Cameron

  • Whoo hoo! Phoebe comes through with her usual brilliant efficiency — my eyes are barely open but the tour stop is up. What a hot excerpt, Angela!

  • Hey I see someone has gotten up early to join the bus today.

  • Hey! Thanks, C.M.
    And thanks to you, Phoebe!

  • Hey Angela! I loved the excerpt and I’m really loving the novel.

  • I loved the excerpt. I definitely will have to get it now to finish reading it. I agree with what everyone said. Mainly what draws me to pick the certain story to read is the plot and how the characters are protrayed. I like to relate to the characters when I am reading the story.

  • Ladies, you hit the nail on the head once again. When reading, I want to be invested in the moment, enjoying captivating characters and intriguing plot twists. I hope I’ve managed to “pay it forward” as a Ravenous Romance writer, giving back the kind of enjoyment I’ve experienced since I read my first Dick and Jane!

  • Phoebe–I’m excited to see you reading it, and curious about what your final thoughts will be. I love Michael, but Jonas was different world of his own. A very, very fun world. *g*

    Becky–Thank you! And thanks for stopping by. I agree with the need for characters we can relate to.

    I’m on a tight deadline and the next few hours I’ll be punching out about 5k words. So, I’m checking in about every half hour. After lunch, I’ll be here bugging you all until you’re ready to throw me under the bus.

  • Surely just a little nibble won’t hurt… what a deviously good setup, Angela. That was one sexy clinch – I was on the edge of my seat. Thanks for that little nibble of your book!

    And I love your “visit another world, be seduced by a hottie, and still have time to catch a bad guy.” Makes a terrific writing motto. I really enjoyed reading everybody else’s thoughts, too. I’m with you all, but I particularly resonated with C. Margery’s answer; I love to slip in all kinds of interesting info into my stories, too. (Must be because we’re both History majors…)
    Thanks, all!

  • P.S.
    Phoebe, love your site! Thanks again for hosting the tour!

  • Good morning, fellow Ornery Eleven, Phoebe and tour guests! Just got my mocha and am settling in to enjoy the day!

    What I’m really enjoying about these stops is really reading all of the answers and excerpts that I have, admittedly, already seen when putting the posts together…but it was more of a ‘this goes here’ and ‘this goes there’ sort of exercise. Now it’s pure reading enjoyment! I can’t wait to read the rest of the book, Angela! All of you RR authors are definitely doing your job of entertaining and giving the readers another world to visit!

  • Thank you Dana and David.

    Gotta love those little nibbles. Of course, nibbles can’t hurt unless it’s an intoxicatingly sexy vampire doing the nibbling…and his bite has real addictive properties. (Insert evil grin here.)

  • But…you say that as if it’s a BAD thing, Angela!

  • LOL. Well, it’s only a bad thing if you want it to be. I say “Bring on the fangs!”

  • I used to have a huge crush on Christopher Lee as Dracula… Loved me the vamps, I did!

  • Vampires are a lot of fun to write about. I have a vampire who hangs out in the SEXSTROLOGY books from Ravenous Romance. Her actual personal book is CAPRICORN: CURSED but she’s in all the books as a minor character.

  • Hi Angela!

    Blood & Sex is on my list of books I NEED!

  • Sweet, Seph! I can’t wait to dig into that whole series.

  • I always enjoy listening to authors, and Angela is one of my favorites. I like her worlds and the way she draws me in to the lives of her characters. Keep on building those unforgettable worlds with friends (and enimies) I can become friends with.
    Nancy Gilliland aka joshgranny

  • Seph, I started Capricorn last night. I’ve been dying to read it since I found out that it’s a vampire story, and I’m a capricorn, too. I only got a few pages into it, but it’s great so far.

    Hi, Bridget! When you get a chance to read it, email me and let me know what you think. I’m addicted to talk to readers about my stories. Just ask Nancy. *g*

    Nancy, you’re such a sweetie. Thanks for stopping in. I hope Torin and Wil haven’t been stalking you too much. I’ve been thinking a lot about them since we last spoke.

  • Love the excerp just as much as that sexy cover….It is so fantastic to see all the people coming out to show us some luv.

  • I see that the blog stop of today is getting into full swing. Hope everyone enjoys the blog post today because I sure did. And I hope that you all have a good time chatting as the day passes.

    I’m glad you like my blog David. I have worked hard to customize it as best as possible.

  • Loved the great excerpt, keeps you wanting more! Thanks for sharing.

  • “And when the reader is done with one of my stories, I hope they have a strengthened sense of self and of the belief that good things do happen, the girl does get the prince, the good guy is out there, life can be wonderful.”

    Totally agree!
    I think escape, entertainment, and learning are all crucial to a good book, though not necessarily all in the *same* book.

    And I really like the excerpt!

    -sheina (marsanderson)

  • Great excerpt, Angela. I definitely want to read more. This is already in my TBR pile!

    I also love seeing all the answers and everyone’s take on the same questions. FUN!

  • I am so happy with the tour so far… all the authors are great, the visitors charming, and no broken beer bottles yet! 🙂

    Sheina, it’s good to see you!

  • Someone said invested in the moment when reading and I have to agree. It IS about the moment. I read a lot of books, so I can’t always remember specifics or titles, or even authors, but I’ll remember the overall plot if it’s grabbing enough to stick with me.

    And I LOVE that excerpt. I downloaded the story, but haven’t managed to read it yet. I swear, I think I had more time to read when I was unpublished…though I wouldn’t change it now, lol!

  • Well, I’m off to the REAL pub for a beer, so I hope you all continue to have fun here. Thanks again, Phoebe, for being such a great hostess!

  • You mean…this stuff I’ve been drinking…it’s not…it’s not real?! Dang!

    See you tomorrow, Margery!

    Isabel, I so feel your pain re: reduced time to read after publication… It’s a mixed blessing when a writer loves to read as much as he/she loves to write.

  • Angela, I love your note, “stories are daydreams that we share with our readers, escapes.” That is such a perfect way of describing it!

    You have such a great writing style; BLOOD AND SEX, VOL. 1 has a feel that reminds me of fun, talented authors like Kim Harrison. Who are your main literary influences?

  • Well I just got an e-mail from Neve Black saying that should couldn’t get her comment posted so I’m posting it for her. I’m so sorry Neve that you couldn’t post and I don’t know how to fix that since everyone else was able to post their comments.

    Angela and BBT team,
    Just so you know, I tried to post a comment twice on today’s blog tour stop, but it was eaten, not once, but twice. I think it was the Vampires! haha.

    The excerpt was awesome from your book, and I’m very sorry I couldn’t be involved in the conversation today. I tried. I thought it would have been cool if the hostess answered today’s blog tour question. I kept asking, but my comment was gobbled, and then gobbled again. Drears.


    Neve BlackRead: Sex Through the Zodiac at Ravenous Romance

  • Posting this for Neve Black, who has had her comments eaten!

    Angela and BBT team,
    Just so you know, I tried to post a comment twice on today’s blog tour stop, but it was eaten, not once, but twice. I think it was the Vampires! haha.

    The excerpt was awesome from your book, and I’m very sorry I couldn’t be involved in the conversation today. I tried. I thought it would have been cool if the hostess answered today’s blog tour question. I kept asking, but my comment was gobbled, and then gobbled again. Drears.

  • Hmm…let me think about that for a couple of minutes, Dana.

  • No problem, Phoebe! I think Neve had a great idea there, though… and we’d love to hear from all of you readers/writers out there re: the question of the day! If you’re a reader, what’s most important to you when you read a book?

  • Well, I think that the most important thing to me as a reader is that there is a good love story with some steamy sex scenes and with at least a couple of scenes that make me laugh as well.

  • Before I forget. I’m going to be reviewing the RR anthologies: Hot Dads: The DILF Anthology and Men In Shorts: An Erotic Anthology for the review website Manic Readers that Savannah Chase submitted a last week.

  • Sweet! I’ll definitely check out your reviews! I need to read BOTH those anthologies… (adds to TBR list…)

  • Wow. It’s been busy while I’ve been writing. Apparently my muse took the day off and I only managed 3 of the 5k words I was shooting for.

    Atassinari, Savannah, Sheina, EM, Isabel–Thank you. I love that particular scene. And thanks for stopping in to chat!

    Neve, I bet it was one of those damned werewolves! I’ll text one of the vamps and have them check into it. Thanks for trying!

  • “only managed 3k?” Dang me, Angela, that’s pretty good for half a day’s writing session! I think you deserve a break and a glass of vino!

  • Lisa, thank you.

    My influences are varied. It’s a combination of several authors that I’ve studied over the years. Stephen King, Anne Rice (though I lack her poetic style), and Laurell K. Hamilton are the main influences. There are, of course, other authors that I really enjoy, but I haven’t studied their style, read all the books, etc. I would say that within the Blood & Sex series, Hamilton had the most influence. I relate to Anita Blake so well that I actually had to read a lot of other books during the year before I started writing this because I suddenly started writing in her style. I didn’t know before then that it was so easy to lose your own voice.
    Lesson learned.

    What about you? Who are your influences?

  • Dana, I will gladly that that vino. I can do 10k a day if everyone stays away from me. Today, hubby came home at 10 am. Grrr. Love him, but it really messes with my process. After he came home, it was just a wash.

    It’s funny how we write at different speeds. If I think my story through thoroughly so that I don’t have to stop for names and other research, I can zip through a 50k novel in a week to ten days. It’s getting to the actual writing part that takes me forever. OR trying to beat down a different character who won’t leave me alone, such as the case for this month.

  • 3000 words is pretty good, for just the few hours you were away. I consider 3000 a good day!

  • Very hot (and skillful) writing, Angela! Thanks for letting us read an excerpt.

    Inara, well said:

    “Inara LaVey: Entertainment! And hopefully what good books give me—a pocket of time transported away from reality into another world.”

  • Thanks, Jess!

    Lisa, are you a plotter? I’m wondering if this is where the difference comes in.

  • Entertainment, definitely. I also want characters with whom I can empathize. I want to feel their big moments, joys, sorrows and triumphs. Or if things turn out against them, I want to acknowledge that they went down defiantly in the face of the Dark. (Don’t want much, do I?) 😉
    Keep riting ladies. LOL.

  • Jack, I think that you’re not asking too much. It’s the same thing I want as a reader. I’ll even take it a step further and say that I want to taste their watermelon bubble gum if they’re chewing.

  • I am a plotter, but I usually have a decent outline before I begin. I do often labor over finding just the right words, however; sometimes it can take me as long as a half an hour, when I’m stuck on a sentence. Luckily I don’t usually bump into terribly long-lasting standstills, but they do come, and they do lengthen my writing sessions.

  • On a side note…
    Is anyone using soundtracks for their stories?

    I have certain songs I listen to for writing certain things. YouTube is perfect for it.

  • I agree whit them it has to make you think that good thing can happen and have fun,sex and let you escape from your troubles.

  • Lisa, that may be the difference. I trudge on with notes in the margin, CAPS WORDS TO REPLACE, and highlighting on further research. Drafts are all about speed for me. I used to worry over names and such while I was writing, but then I would make myself weary of writing when I did it that way.

  • That’s an interesting approach. I might have to give that a try.

  • I’ve got to go for the evening. I will check back in later. Kids, bedtimes, and all that.

  • Dang, I missed Angela! To answer her question anyway, I use soundtracks and movie scores when I write. VERY important to set the mood. Those…and the occasional zombie movie. I’m weird that way.

    10k a day? Angela, you are officially proclaimed
    ‘writing mutant’! I say that with total envy, of course! I am a lousy outliner and not much with writing notes beforehand… I’m also more like Lisa with the ‘I KNOW there’s a word for this’ stalls…

    hey, Jess! So glad you made it! And Jack, always lovely to see you!

  • I’m stopping by a little late today. But I think all the different authors have it right. As a reader I just want to connect to the story and it’s characters. I love to hate the villians and love the heros/heroines.
    So keep up the good work guys!!!
    Great excerpt put me down to win a copy!!!
    [email protected]

  • Dana–
    I totally agree on the music.

    We’re “Writing Mutant” and “Queen of the Asylum”. You know that immediatly makes me think of X-Men, and my favorite X-Man has always been Gambit…so I’m thinking mutant in a cool way. LOL.

    You envy my speed…I’ll envy your wit. We’re even!

    I honestly had no idea that 10k in a day was that fast. I mean, I knew it was for me. But I didn’t have anything to guage it against.

  • Afshan and Stacey, thanks for stopping in. You’re in the drawings!

  • So…can we just be Mutant and Asylum? 🙂

    Fine, we’re even! But if you could loan me a few of your prolific writing sessions so I can catch up with my WIP…I would love you even LONGER than forever, for which duration I already adore you!

  • Really loved the post today…so much fun to kind of give an author a personality. I think it makes it fun when you read the book…kind of like you know the person. 🙂 Loved the excerpt too!

  • I think my best writing day was about 7500 words, that was on two different pieces and I’d been thinking about both for a while before hand. But 10k is a lot for one day. I also get caught up on word choice sometimes or stopping to research how long it really takes to fly from A to B and distract myself too much.

    I definitely know I need to turn off email/browser if I really want to make progress on something. The web is just too easy to give me ADD. It’s more a matter of discipline for me than not having enough ideas.

  • I can only dream of 10K a day.

    I am now going to answer the call of the Dream Gods and hit the hay.

    Phoebe, thank you again for being such a stellar hostess, and thanks everyone who stopped by our tour!

  • Rachie, it has been fun. It’s nice to chat with the readers, too. If I could, I’d like to watch people read my stories to see if they laugh at the right times and so on.

  • WINNER!!!

    Bridget (bridget3420)
    won a copy of
    Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael
    in the drawing.
    Don’t forget, you can get your copy of Blood & Sex at

  • WOW amazing excerpt!! I really got to buy the book 🙂

    Anyways I was passing through to let you know you have an award waiting.. please pick it up here 🙂

  • I enjoy stories that I can lose myself in, be immersed in what I’m reading and feel like I am there as part of the story.

  • I’m late! Yes, I know – DAYS and DAYS and DAYS late. I was flying across the entire country on Angela’s day and did try to post, but I don’t see it anywhere here, though. I could blame it on my iPhone, but all who know me shall simply laugh – the blame, I’m sure, sits directly on my technologically challenged shoulders.

    Just wanted to honor Angela – she’s a skilled storyteller – she’s the one who managed to get me, the vampire-avoider, to fall in love with a vampire.

    Elle Amery

  • From all I read so far from Ravenous, I’ve had the joy of all you brought to me as a reader reading these books! For one, Angela’s MICHAEL brought me on the edge of my seat! I’m in love with JONAS already from reading about him in MICHAEL and soon to start JONAS!

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