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2016 Reading Challenge
2016 Reading Challenge
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I love Lori Foster’s novels and I’ve heard so much about her novels about the Winston men but never had the chance to read their books. So when Lori came to me about reviewing her December Berkley Anthology release of Double the Pleasure which features an all new Winston novella I knew I had to get the books that started it all. Wildly Winston is a four-in-one novel with the first 4 books about the original 4 Winston brothers which I have to say I’m amazingly pleased that I finally got to find out all about the Winston brothers and next onto the wild Winston cousins. Tangled Sheets—Cole Winston and Sophie Sheridan’s love story and the first book in the Winston family series. The Winston brothers are an interesting bunch of very virile and sexy men who I enjoyed getting to know. The oldest Winston brother falls head-over-heels in love in this first short story entitled Tangled Sheets. Cole Winston is oldest brother of four and he is the parental figure in the family since their parents both died when the boys we young and Cole was in college.
They own a bar, previously called The Stud by some macho former owner, but changed to merely the Winston Tavern after Cole bought it to keep his family financially steady. Cole has known boutique owner Sophie Sheridan for 7 months because she has made it a routine to stop in at the Winston’s bar for a cup of hoht chocolate with whipped cream. Cole is very attracted to Sophie since he first laid eyes on her and so the same went for Sophie but she was too shy and tongue twisted around Cole to do anything. During those months Cole and Sophie have become friends since he always made it so that he would deliever her regular order of hot chocolate whenever she stopped by. But things change for Sophie when she comes into the bar with a flyer advertising the Winston brother contest where every woman who takes a picture of themselves and pins it up to the wall at th bar.
The Winston brothers will then pick one of the pictures and that lucky lady then gets a picture with all four Winston brothers and a special dinner date with the brother of her choice. When Cole sees her with the flyer he wants her to enter but Sophie is too tongue tied and tells him that she would never have the nerve to enter the contest but that her twin sister would love to enter instead. Cole was intrigued by this news especially when Sophie says that she’s coming to visit her for a few days. This is when things get very interesting because Sophie has a secret she’s keeping from Cole about her “twin” sister. I was already falling for the Winston brothers by the end of this too short story in my opinion. I wish it could have been a bit longer but I’m happy with this story because there was a beautiful Happily Ever After and another wonderful Winston story to follow.
Tangled Dreams—Chase Winston and Allison Barrow’s love story and the second book in the Winston family series. The Winston brothers are an interesting bunch of very virile and sexy men who I enjoyed getting to know. The second oldest Winston brother falls head-over-heels in love with his new sister-in-laws friend and employee Allison Barrow in this second short story entitled Tangled Dreams. Chase hasn’t really noticed Allison as a woman even though he has known her ever since she’s been working for Sophie. But Allison sure has noticed Chase Winston because what red-blooded woman wouldn’t notice him then one day all things changed for Chase and Allison. Chase could hear and even see some of the very graphic thoughts Allison had going on in her head when he looked at her but when he asked his youngest brother Mack to look at her and see if he could hear what she was saying but he couldn’t and looked at Chase like he was crazy. Chase and Allison have a paranormal beginning that could get them in some serious and dangerous trouble if they aren’t careful. It was a pleasure reading how their HEA came about in the end because it was something to remember.
Tangled Images—Mack Winston and Jessica Wells’ love story and the third book in the Winston family series. The Winston brothers are an interesting bunch of very virile and sexy men who I enjoyed getting to know. The youngest Winston brother falls head-over-heels in love with Jessica Wells an older woman who use to be in one of his college classes and is now the photographer working for his sister-in-law Sophie in this third short story entitled Tangled Images. Jessica Wells is an older divorced woman who went back to college in hopes of making a better living for her young daughter. Mack Winston was in the same class and was instantly attracted to Jessica even though she wouldn’t give him the time of day but what he didn’t know is that she secretly wanted him but thought he was an all fun guy like her ex-husband.

But after two years they both can’t forget one another until Sophie Winston tricks Mack into modeling some her new male loungewear for a catalogue she wants done for her boutique. When he goes to the photographers place of business he finds out that it is Jessica Wells the woman he has been thinking about for two years and couldn’t get out of his mind. They both have some issues to get over especially since Jessica is a few years older than him and he has a teaching career that could be taken away from him if something doesn’t happen soon. I enjoyed this too short story very much because I got to read how the two older Winston brothers were doing in their marriage along with how the youngest got his HEA.
Wild—Zane Winston and Tamera Tremayne’s love story and the fourth book in the Winston family series. The Winston brothers are an interesting bunch of very virile and sexy men who I enjoyed getting to know. The middle Winston brother falls head-over-heels in love with Tamera Tremayne a gypsy woman who works next door to his own computer business in this fourth book entitled Wild. This book had all the Winston brothers back and some new and interesting characters which was such a joy reading about. Zane Winston is the wildest of all four brothers and the one who is the most resistant to the “Winston Curse” which happens to be that when the Winston men find the love of their lives they fall hard and fast. Zane has been resisting from falling in love like his brothers but that all changes when the gypsy woman from next door comes to his story and whispers “I want you” to him.
That is when things start to get interesting because Zane has turned down any advances from Tamera and even now when she whispered those husky words to him he turns her down. Then he can’t stop thinking about her without thinking graphic and intimate thoughts about what he wants to do with her and to her. Tamera has always been attracted to Zane since she first met him from a distance. She has even visited his brother’s bar from time to time and saw him and his family interact with one another and know he was the man she needed for what she had in mind. There is a lot of heated moments between them but some are interrupted by Tamera’s gypsy family members that consist of a large bear of an uncle and two small and weathered aunts who want Tamera to be a gypsy even though she is the white sheep of the family with her blond hair and green eyes.
Tamera is also having some troubles with her business and that could be something that will but a stop to her budding relationship with Zane which is getting serious even though it was only supposed to be about sex. There are some excitingly dangerous moments and we also be getting to meet another Winston who is a sexy and dangerous cousin that will have his own story to be told soon. Now to finish this very long review I’m so happy to have gotten this book full of wonderful Winston stories and I can’t wait to read more about these ridiculously sexy Winston cousins I’ve also heard much about. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:
WILDLY WINSTON $ 14.00 (Book 1)(422 Pages)
All four Winston brothers are scorchingly handsome, sensually passionate—and stubbornly proud. Left alone in the world after their parents’ deaths, they learned to depend on each other—and to cherish the bond that held them together. Now, with their disarming charm and sexy smiles, they will inspire your wildest, most sensuous fantasies—and will surely become the men of your dreams…

Tangled Sheets
Night after night, bar owner Cole Winston is seduced by prim and proper Sophie Sheridan’s way with hot chocolate…until her sexy and outrageous twin, Shelly, walks into the bar…

Tangled Dreams
To uncover a family heirloom, two ghosts orchestrate a most passionate tryst between a demure lady and the sexy bartender she can’t get out of her mind—Chase Winston.

Tangled Images
When Mack Winston agreed to model for a catalog, he had no idea he’s be working with the only woman who’s ever intrigued him—serious, standoffish Jessica Wells…
Underneath her gypsy guise, Tamara is a very stubborn, seductive woman—who may be in very serious danger. But even though she refuses Zane Winston’s help, he knows she’s the woman for him. Because she’s sassy. Sexy. And totally wild…

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