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2016 Reading Challenge
2016 Reading Challenge
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Well I’m not reviewing a book today but I will be reviewing the movie that was based on a very popular book. As you guessed it by reading the title of this post that I will be reviewing and talking about the now super popular movie Twilight. I finally went to see the Twilight movie last night with my mother. I was going to see it on last Saturday, the day after it premiered, but I knew it would be sold out and packed with so many Twilight fans that I decided waiting a week would calm things down a bit and give me more room. That was not the case because I went to the Manhattan theater AMC Empire 25 on 42nd Street Times Square and I went to the 4:50 PM show and it was so packed that some people had to stand to watch the movie. It was a pretty small theater on the last floor of the movie theater so I guess it wasn’t that much of a surprise but I didn’t think there would be so many people especially teenagers (noise teenagers).
We were there pretty early since we had some trouble with the trains and we go good enough seats since we were there almost an hour and half before the movie started. Now onto my review and thoughts about the movie itself which isn’t that bad I promise. I have to say that I really thought the voice over in the being of Bella talking about dying for someone you love was kinda unnecessary even though it is true to the book. I thought that Kristen Stewart was a great Bella but sometimes during the movie she did get on my nerves just like Bella did in the actual novel because I thought she was kinda selfish at times and totally like a loner teenage girl should be. There were some parts that were good, cheezy, funny and not true to book but that is to be expected from a movie adaptation of a book. I thought that Robert Pattinson was a very excellent Edward and at times he did look kind of funny and weird especially when he is around Bella, which we know is because he loves her smell and wants her blood even though he only drinks animal blood.

Rob as Edward was HOT as you all must know and I also thought that Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale was also a HOTTIE! I loved his character along with Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen because they were so what I would have thought Jasper and Alice would be in the book and I’m glad they were cast for the parts. I was okay with the actors and actress who played Rosalie and Emmett and I loved Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen because again they fit their parts perfectly to what I would have imaged from the novel. Now as for Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black I thought he was great for the part but I didn’t like the long hair because you could totally see that it was fake wig that didn’t go with him. If they wanted him with long hair they should have made him grow it out and maybe put on real looking extentions or something to make it look natural. I know that some people didn’t like Billy Burke as Charlie Swan especially because of his mustashe but I thought he did an excellent job of portraying Charlie and I don’t know how he could have been different or better. I also thought that it could have been done a bit better and I always wish with each movie adaption of a book that they could stick to what’s in the book and just maybe play around with some things to make it into a worthy movie adaption. There were parts that I thought totally unnecessary and parts were I wanted from the book to be there but alas this was the movie that they thought best.

I have heard that Stephenie Meyer had a cameo in the movie but it must have been really quick because I didn’t see her at all or maybe I wasn’t paying much attention and missed it. I will be waiting anxiously for it to come out on DVD and I will be playing it over and over again to try to see where in the movie Meyer was a part of. I’m also so happy that they will be going through with the next book New Moon as a movie because that ending was totally a cliffhanger for everyone to expect another movie. I hope that it comes out soon in like at least next November if not earlier because everyone is going to be needing their next Twilight fix soon. If you liked the book maybe you should try out the movie because I sure liked it even though the critics were bad mouthing it everywhere. Also some fans thought it sucked but those are the pretender fans not true fans that would be glad that the movie was made at all especially since it was a movie made for the fans.

4 Responses to Twilight Movie

  • Great Review! Stephenie was in the first Diner scene when Bella and Charlie are eating lunch (or dinner). Stephenie is sitting at the bar with her laptop!

    I loved the movie, too, btw. my review is at – if you are interested!

  • Thanks Astrid for stopping by and leaving a comment. Also thanks for telling me in which scene Stepenie was in because now if I decided to see the movie for a second time (which I’m thinking of doing) I’ll know when to expect her.

    I’ll stop by your review to see what you thought soon.

  • Yikes, I didn’t know that Meyer appeared in the movie! If I knew, I’d have looked out for her. 😀

    Yeah, I liked the movie. Very enjoyable.

  • Meyer is in the scene where Bella is at the restaurant (pretty sure it's the one with Edward)Stephanie Meyer is in the background and the waitress gives her a salad. Personally, I couldn't imagine anyone better for Charlie. He was so funny in such an understated way~ Mallary

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